Our Story

The story of how DwellData started is a sad one. Our CEO, John Yeung, founded the company because a murder-suicide took place in the house directly across the street from where he lived. Having been in real estate for over a decade, John knew that in the majority of the United States, homicides and suicides do not need to be disclosed to a new homebuyer. More than likely, his new neighbors would find out after they had already purchased the house and moved in.

Would you live in a house where a murder had just taken place? Would your significant other? John started wondering what other information was not being disclosed to new homebuyers. And that’s how DwellData was born.

DwellData provides detailed reports for residential properties. DwellData reports empower homebuyers by giving them the data they need to make an informed purchasing decision. The company also helps homeowners find out more about their neighborhood and keep them informed of any important changes in their community, such as a registered sex offender moving in next door.

DwellData was started in Denver, Colorado during the Summer 2011 Founder Institute class. The company is led by a team of three Founders, all of whom have extensive real estate and technology backgrounds.